Specialty grade coffee hand-roasted in the Durbanville Farmlands

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Faber Coffeesmith

I'm Jarrod Faber, owner & founder of Faber Coffeesmith. I've done many things in my life – from trading fresh tuna and working in the marine industry to studying Mandarin and Chinese business in China. The only constant? Coffee.


My passion for good specialty coffee has now become my daily obsession, and the intricacy of selecting the perfect green beans from sustainable sources around the world, test roasting different profiles on my Diedrich roaster to ensure the best possible roast for the bean, and packaging only the finest specialty roasted beans is the happiest daily grind I could have.

The roasting process takes place using an extremely low emission & energy efficient roaster. The roastery is operated from our fully solar powered and environmentally-friendly farm, Klein Friesland, located in the Durbanville Farmlands in Cape Town, South Africa.

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From bean selection to grind coarseness, and what method you're using to brew your coffee, every step in the bean to brew process PLAYS A PART IN CREATING the perfect cup. 

Find out all you need to know about brewing the perfect cup of coffee...